Thigh Lift Reconstruction

TUG Flap & ALT Flap Breast Reconstruction Options

  • Minimal pain
  • No Implants
  • Includes Inner or Outer Thigh Lift

Thigh lift breast reconstruction can be an excellent tissue-only alternative for women who are not good candidates for a DIEP Flap procedure. By using excess skin, fat and other tissue from the inner or outer thighs, our highly experienced plastic surgeons at Breast Reconstruction Specialists can create a new breast that looks and feels natural while simultaneously slimming and tightening the thighs and improving lower body contours.

Inner Thigh Lift Reconstruction (TUG Flap)

Free transverse upper gracilis flap, or TUG Flap, breast reconstruction uses skin, fat, muscle and vascular tissue from the inner thighs to create a new breast mound. This donor tissue is relocated to the chest and reattached to its new blood supply using microsurgery.

Because the inner thigh usually contains a modest amount of tissue, the TUG Flap is best suited to patients who desire a modest-sized reconstruction. The resulting scar is usually well-hidden in the natural thigh crease, and the TUG Flap results in a firmer, more slender inner thigh contour. However, patients usually have a slight depression in the inner thigh following surgery.

Outer Thigh Lift Reconstruction (ALT Flap)

Anterolateral thigh flap, or ALT Flap breast reconstruction, takes tissue from the outer thigh region to create a new breast mound. Donor tissue consists of the skin, fatty tissue and underlying blood vessels, and sometimes a small piece of muscle. Patients who have significant excess tissue in outer thighs are typically the best candidates for an ALT Flap procedure, as there must be adequate tissue to harvest without leaving a significant depression.

Because a large tissue flap can be taken, the ALT Flap can be a good option for women who desire a larger reconstructed breast. However, the resulting scar from the ALT Flap, which runs vertically along the outer thigh, may be visible in swimsuits or shorter shorts.

Advantages of Thigh Lift Breast Reconstruction

  • Achieves firmer, slimmer thighs along with a recreated breast that looks and feels natural
  • Provides a tissue-only breast reconstruction option for women who are not suitable DIEP Flap candidates
  • Surgery time is relatively short (3 to 4 hours for TUG Flap) compared to some other breast reconstruction methods


  • Thigh lift breast reconstruction is technically more difficult than other flap procedures and requires a highly specialized surgeon to perform it
  • Because some muscle tissue is used, muscular strength may be impaired in the donor site
  • Some patients may have a noticeable depression in the inner or outer thigh area after surgery
  • ALT Flap scars may be difficult to conceal in certain types of clothing

At Breast Reconstruction Specialists, our board certified plastic surgeons are trained and highly experienced in a full range of autologous breast reconstruction procedures, including TUG Flap and ALT Flap thigh lift reconstruction. If you are currently considering your options for breast reconstruction, we will be happy to help you understand the different procedures available and choose the right option for your needs.

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