Freestyle Perforator Flap Surgery

  • DIEP Flap Alternative
  • No Implants
  • Natural tissue option for unique cases

While most patients will have a DIEP Flap or other more traditional Flap procedure, occasionally a patient is not a good candidate for any of these, either because there is not enough tissue to harvest from the abdomen or thighs, or because the patient has previously had surgery on these more common donor areas. In this case, we can perform a patient-specific freestyle perforator flap procedure, using tissue from a non-traditional area of the body that best suits an individual patient’s needs.

Our board certified plastic surgeons are highly experienced in performing breast reconstruction for unique cases. Breast Reconstruction Specialists is one of the only private practices nationwide to offer such a wide range of patient-specific natural tissue reconstruction procedures.

Patient-specific breast reconstruction options

Tissue flaps for breast reconstruction can be taken from one of many different locations. Our breast reconstruction surgeons tailor their technique to achieve the most beautiful, natural breast shape possible, minimize aesthetic impact on the donor site, and maximize patient safety.

  • Inferior gluteal artery perforator flap (IGAP Flap). Uses tissue from the lower buttocks to create a new breast, resulting in a firmer lifted buttock as well. More details about IGAP Flap reconstruction »
  • Profunda artery flap (PAP Flap ). A muscle-sparing technique that uses tissue from the back of the thigh, just below the buttocks, to create a new breast.
  • Anterolateral thigh flap (ALT Flap). Uses skin, fat, and blood vessels from the front of the thigh
  • Lumbar artery perforator flap (LAP Flap). Uses skin, fat, and blood vessels from the lower back and flanks, just above the buttocks. Sometimes called a “lovehandle” breast reconstruction.
  • Contralateral breast flap. Uses tissue from the opposite, healthy breast to help rebuild a normal breast shape. This can be a good procedure option for women who desire a breast reduction at the same time as breast reconstruction.
  • Other donor sites. Tissue flaps may be taken from many areas of the body; your breast reconstruction surgeon may recommend an area other than the flaps above for your surgery.

How do I know which option is best for me?

Your breast reconstruction surgeon will recommend a patient-specific technique based on your medical history, your anatomy, your current and desired breast size, and your personal preferences regarding surgery. At your consultation, he will go over with you the details of surgery and recovery, as well what results you might expect.

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